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Roof Maintenance by Mathers

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home and provides protection from the elements for you and your family.   For this reason you should ensure that it is kept in excellent condition all year round.  In order to minimise costs in the long run it is essential that you have a moss and lichen spray at least every 3 years.  Note this may also be a requirement of your warranty. 

If you allow moss and lichen to build up on your roof the spores get into the substrate. Moss and lichen slowly strip away your roof paint or stone chips leaving the porous concrete or steel roof exposed.  It can then continue to dig deeper into the substrate creating leaks and cracks in your tiles. 


Website Special - Only $300

We are currently offering a moss and lichen spray of your roof for $300 including GST. Some conditions do apply. Please click on the Free Quote link and follow the prompts to see if you qualify.