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  • Minor roof repair - fixing metal roof dents and replacing damaged.
  • Full roof cleaning treatment, with thorough waterblasting to get rid of grime and debris.
  • Spray application of a bituminous basecoat and a Decragard topcoat in your choice of colour.
  • All roof recoating comes with the AHI Roofing 10 year pro rata warranty.



Roof Repairs

  • For a leaking roof or other roof damage, Mather Roofs & Coatings are the Wellington region's experts.
  • Gerard Roofs and Coloursteel roofing capabilities.
  • Thorough maintenance services to avoid further damage to your roof in the future.
  • Keep your home looking good and get some peace of mind for your family's health and safety.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience

    Mather Roofs & Coatings is owned by Danny Mather, who brings over 30 years of building industry experience to the table, as well as over 20 years of specialist roofing industry experience. The whole team know the business inside and out.

  • From recoating to repair

    We know roofs - whether it's tile or Coloursteel, whether you've got a leaking roof or a roof needing recoating, we've seen it all, and we know how important it is to have a fully functional - and good looking - roof protecting your home and your family.

  • Decragard

    Decragard will drastically extend the life or your existing roof - for around 1/3 the cost of total reroofing. Decragard will also minimise maintenance costs - with a restored protective surface coating, your roof will resist moss and lichen growth for up to 4 years.

  • Peace of mind

    With proper installation, and proper maintenance as required, Decragard has a 10 year pro rata warranty, with a full warranty for the first 5 years, and a diminishing pro-rata warranty for the remaining 5 years.

  • And we're local

    From Otaki to Owhiro Bay, we know the greater Wellington region - meaning that we have thorough knowledge of the styles and eras of roofing in the area. And we also know all to well what a roof needs to see through the weather Wellington likes to serve up!

Providing Roof Recoating And Repair Services Wellington Wide

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